How my life experiences enable me to help my clients

19 January 2022
I grew up as an only child in the UK in the 70s and 80s. My dad was in his mid-late 50s when he had me and my mum has had a prosthetic leg since the age of 4. I mention these things because it meant that I rarely played any form of sport or physical activity with my parents when I was growing up which became tricky when I joined a sport playing school at the age of 8. I recall my first game of football. I was given a position (centre half which is ironic given what I am about to say) but I didn’t realise that I could move from my position. I spent the whole game rooted to the spot.

What is transformational coaching?

14 January 2022
It is easy to think that any kind of coaching, if done moderately well, is transformational. That’s because you start at point A and end at point B. The journey from A to B requires that changes are made to the person at point A to become the person at point B. However, there are two ways to get from A to B: one is linear and the other is exponential. Linear takes far longer and you may give up before reaching your destination. Transformational coaching is all about exponential growth.
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